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Acquiring an API Key

All HTTP requests made against the Coin Price List API must be validated with an API Key. If you don't have an API Key yet visit the to register for one.

Using Your API Key

You may use any server side programming language that can make HTTP requests to target the Coin Price List API. All requests should target domain

You can supply your API Key in REST API calls via a custom header named x-exchange-api-key.

API Key Usage Credits

Most API plans include a daily and monthly limit or "hard cap" to the number of data calls that can be made. This usage is tracked as API "call credits" which are incremented 1:1 against successful (HTTP Status 200) data calls made with your key with these exceptions: account management endpoints and error responses are not included in this limit.

You can log in to the to view live stats on your API Key usage and limits including the number of credits used for each call.

Note: The "day" and "month" credit usage periods are determined relative to your API subscription. For example, if you purchased a plan on January 5 at 06:00 am, then the next time you need to re-purchase the plan on February 5 at 06:00 am, otherwise you will be moved back to the Basic plan. The next day starts on February 6 at 06:00 am, credits are reset accordingly.