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Release 3.0

What’s new:

1)Added mobile adaptation

2)Added the ability to log in and register by phone number

- Choosing a registration method:

- Choosing a login method:

- Sign in by phone number:

- Phone verification:

- Sign up by phone number:

- Phone verification:

3)Added backup phrase

- Backup phrase in the Profile settings:

- Get 12 secret words:

- Confirm phrase:

- Reset password via mnemonic phrase:

4)Added the ability to work on credit

- At the end of the month or at the end of all credits on the last day of the month, the current tariff is extended for another week on credit. All credits used during the credit period will be deducted from the next purchased tariff. The user is notified that the credit has been activated.

- At the end of the credit period, the user is blocked:

5)New logo - Coin Price List


1)A number of visual improvements and fixes that improve the service.

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