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You can register to the Coin Price List by three ways:

1)By E-mail

2)By phone

After filling in all the fields and sending the request, you need to confirm the E-mail:

3) By Metamask wallet

Here's the login forms:

If you have 2FA, you should input them before login. You can get 2FA in Profile page.

Here's 2FA form:

Clicking on the text "Forgot Password?" opens a password recovery form.

To restore your password, you should input your E-mail and send a letter to it with a link to restore.

Here's the restore password form through E-mail:

Also you can reset password through Mnemonic phrase. You should click on the "Reset password" button on the password recovery form.

Here's the restore password form through Mnemonic phrase:

You can get Mnemonic phrase in Profile page.

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